Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Break

NOT our Christmas tree
    It’s finally here!
    So far I've eaten about two dollars in chocolate coins, watched two movies (Nanny McPhee 1 & 2), finished two books (Every Breath and Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire), and worked  a (very little) bit on developing some story ideas. Our tree is finally up, and even though there’re no presents under it yet things are starting to feel a lot more Christmassy. 
    Summer was my dry season in terms of writing inspiration, but since autumn I've been bombarded with ideas. I’m trying to let the good ones develop as organically as possible (read: I’m hoping they’ll magically fall into place with the bare minimum of effort). Outlines and character sketches don’t work for me if I don’t already have a good sense of the story; my characters almost always become paper dolls, stuck with whatever traits I assign them but no real personalities of their own. Still, I’m hoping to get some actual planning--however loose--done during break. We’ll see how that goes. What I’d really like to do is sit back and relax. Finish more books. Eat more chocolate. Watch as many movies as I can before my brain rots. 
    So, what are you guys planning for your breaks? Are there projects to be tackled or naps to be taken? Most likely I won’t be posting again before January. Until then, merry Christmas!  


  1. Ah, relaxing and reading sounds like a wonderful way to spend your break! Funny you should mention ideas picking up in the fall; I've found the past few years that autumn tends to jumpstart my creativity and inspire me to do all sorts of things, even to the point of overwhelming myself, haha. I do hope that all of your new story ideas work out wonderfully! And enjoy your holiday season!!

    (PS Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciated your comment!! :D)

    1. Thanks so much! Winter--especially just before and just after Christmas--has always been a pretty creative time for me, but I just noticed that this summer at least has been the exact opposite. Weird. Anyway, I hope your holidays will be as relaxing as mine are turning out to be! And thanks for dropping by. I love your blog and find it very inspiring.

  2. Break is the absolutely the perfect time to chill out a little and plan out your writing. And by the way, I'm totally with you on the "watch as many movies as I can before my brain rots" thing. I have a whole list of films I need to see, and I am determined to blow through them all before break ends. ;) Merry Christmas! x

  3. Yay for relaxation! I think I've watched about five movies so countless television episodes. I'll probably watch many more now that Christmas is over--as much as I love Christmas, break is also about recovering from it :) I hope you have an awesome break!