Monday, July 27, 2015

Taking Stock: July

Bloody Jack

tea time

Wondering: Why summer is passing so quickly.
Reading: Gotham by Gaslight: A Tale of the Batman, wherein a Victorian-era Batman hunts down Jack the Ripper. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is begging to be made into a series on Netflix
Eating: Anything I can fit in my mouth, but mainly salmon cream cheese. There can never be too much salmon cream cheese.
Drinking: Gallons of tea. My favorites are Country Peach Passion and Lemon Zinger.
Watching: Way too much Netflix. My sister and I just got into Daredevil.
Writing: First drafts. Terrible, horrible, open-the-sewage-pipe-of-my-unfiltered-mind-and-let-it-spew-all-over-the-page first drafts. And it’s the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time.
Buying: A new dress. I don’t think anybody feels good about themselves after clothes shopping. It ain’t for the faint of heart.
Also Reading: The Bloody Jack series.
Waiting: For cooler weather.
Knowing: I need to get outside more often. I probably won’t, but I should.
Starting: To read more comics and graphic novels. It’s such a different experience from reading a “normal” book and I love it!

Loving: Red nail polish, Microsoft Word, and flip-flops. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I feel you so much on the "wondering why summer is passing so quickly" thing. Time is just dashing past me with this huge grin on its face. And ooh, I totally need to get more into tea—I adore it, but I feel like I'm not drinking it enough.

    Also, not sure if you saw this, but I tagged you for the 777 Challenge! If you end up deciding to do it, have fun :)

    1. I feel like I start summer with the best intentions--I'm going to do this and this and this and be super productive--but I always end up wasting most of my time. There's still plenty to enjoy about summer, though--especially tea :)

  2. The word vomit of a first draft is strangely cathartic. I think revisions are more rewarding (however difficult!) but a first draft feels like stretching my writerly wings. And argh, like Christina, I haven't been drinking enough tea -- it's far too hot in summer and cold tea is just awkward sometimes.

    1. I actually prefer first drafting to editing (though editing is, in a way, more rewarding) just because there's no pressure to write well--it's all about getting the story down on paper. Tea is always good, but you're right--there've been a few days when it's just too hot to drink anything but ice water.

  3. Ugh, I know. Summer just went so fast! It's so panic-making. Salmon cream cheese...? That is not something I have heard of, but I guess if you're eating it lots you like it, and that is good. I also want cooler weather, and to get outside, but I haven't done it. Also, hooray for red nail polish, Word, and flip flops!

    1. You've never heard of salmon cream cheese? Get thee to the grocery store right away, because it's delicious :) (If you like salmon, that is.) I adore flip flops and wish I could wear them all the time, but I'm also starting to miss fall. There's something about cooler weather that makes me feel more energized and productive.