Thursday, January 28, 2016

Updates: January 2016


I just finished Because of Mr. Terupt and it might be one of the most adorable middle-grade books ever.

We’ve been snowed in for most of the week and I’m dying to get to the library.

Finally found the perfect hot chocolate recipe!

Daredevil’s second season come out in March and I can’t wait.

I bought a new journal. This is the painting that’s on the cover:

The Reader by Jean-Honore Fragonard

Edited a short story and did some journaling; besides that I haven’t managed to get much writing done (yet).

As much as I love snow (looking at it, not shoveling it) I’m starting to miss spring.

After I post this I’m planning on reading, then (hopefully) writing.

Plans for February:

Stay on top of studying.

Finish Gwinna by Barbara Helen Berger (it’s an old favorite) and Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy (it’s adorable).

Knit more of my never-ending scarf.

Write more.


  1. I wish I was snowed in! I, also, have a seemingly never-ending scarf (although the end, I fear, is nigh!!) I love buying new journals! I need to write more, too!


    1. Here's to us both finishing our never ending scarfs! A new, blank journal is one of the most beautiful things ever.

  2. DID I HEAR HOT CHOCOLATE RECIPE? You absolutely have to share it with us, Alex! And haha, love the distinction between looking at and shovelling snow :P All the best with your scarf, I hope to see its complete form soon! *hint hint*

    1. Snow is beautiful, but clearing it up is just terrible, especially since where I live we got around four feet. It's already starting to melt, though, which is nice :) My hot chocolate recipe is ridiculously simple, but my family calls it "liquid gold", so I might end up sharing it here.